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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Just where is my focus
For what do I seek?
Is my vision centered
Of what do I speak?
This world, it’s surroundings
With evil abounds
Thus once more my focus
Just where is it found?
On this world, it’s contents
Does my focus remain?
For this world, it’s actions
Bring with it such pain
Thus my vision it’s focus
On God’s word must stay
For that new world’s much closer
With each passing day.

*about public talk entitled “Life Without End At Last”


Do you hear the rustling
Bible pages turn
Thousands are now reading
Listen to them learn
Softy oh so softly
Seeking what they’ve heard
Quietly they’re looking
Searching through his word
Eagerly advancing
Verse by verse they go
Learning, loving, reading
Verse by verse they grow
Gentle though the rustling
Following what’s said
They rejoice with pleasure
As God’s word is read

* 6-23-02 written during Bro. Meyberry’s talk entitled “Why You Can Trust the Bible”


Early though the music
To me has been brought
I awake from slumber
And my heart is caught
Wakened thus to wonders
Early mornings bring
For the birds are active
Of their work they sing
Music now surrounds me
Listen, can you hear?
Such melodious wonders
With the morn appear
Soon the suns appearance
Sweeps the away the night
But how its advancement
Brought me such delight
Yes! My day’s awakened
Joyous sounds prevail
With the morning’s chorus
Through this day I’ll sail!!

5/3/09 four in the morning, leg burning yet again but I at least get to listen to the wonderful chorus Jehovah provides this early in the day. Wonderful sound it is indeed, everyone should get up and listen to it once in awhile!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Do We Listen"

Do we listen, do we follow
Are God's words within out soul?
Do we ask for his direction
With survival as our goal?
Yes the war of God Jehovah
With it's wreckage, pain and more
Means the message of his Kingdom
We will preach from door to door
We must trust in God Jehovah
For that Kingdom thus to live
If we're faithful and obedient
His support to us he'll give
As we're gathered here together
As a unit we'll endure
And the fact our God is present
Our survival does ensure
We stand still for that survival
Thus a message we will send
That a strong immobile unit
On Jehovah will depend!
*9-9-07 about public talk entitled: "Stand Still and See the Salvation of Jehovah" - talk given by Bro. Mike Turner

Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Continually Grows"

A family is grieving
as one they now mourn
Through death and it's shadow
such sorrow is born
From pressures and heartache
and misery and pain
Will deep heavy sorrow
with them thus remain
They'll turn to each other
for comfort to seek
And as one united
of their sorrow speak
Yes one units strengthens
and one unit shows
That love when united
Continually grows
8-16-07 Aunt Betty died this morning and I wrote this for my Uncle David and my cousins.

"A Knot"

A time of such pressure
a time to recoil
A difficult moment
resentment can spoil
Reach out for Jehovah
and learn how to cope
Thus we'll not be reaching
the end of our rope
A knot we are needing
to tie at the end
A knot thus is needed
to help us descend
Our rope could be oily
as too it we cling
But we've the assurance
a knot to us brings
Hold tight to Jehovah
a tower secure
A knot he's provided
to help us endure
We might feel we're falling
perhaps we may slip
Reach out for Jehovah
a knot thus to grip!
3/15/07 written during meetin about something Tim H. said. Made me think about a knot at the end of my rope.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"There She Will Stay"

A dear friend is missing
You carry such pain
Your tears have been falling
Like hard heavy rain
My words will not cover
The way that you feel
For your pain and sorrow
And suffering are real
Remember with pleasure
Her love and her care
The moments of laughter
The good times you'd share
Her life time of treasures
Her boxes of joy
Her stories, her memories
You got to enjoy
You'll carry her always
She's not far away
In your heart she's resting
And there she will stay.
1-1-07 Lura's older friend Polly died and Lura is hurting and missing her. They have been close for years since Lura's kids were little. I know she will miss Polly so much. I wish I could take away how she is feeling.

"What Kind of Message"

We live, we die, life travels
Onward through each day
Always moving forward
With each breath we pay
Years ahead receding
Those behind to grow
Onward ever onward
Lifetimes thus will flow
We live each day with pleasure
Of live each day with pain
Onward ever onward
Through what years remain
Years though past or present
Speak of what we've done
Does our every action
Tell of battles won?
Will the years remaining
Speak of where we've been?
What will be their message
We to others send?
Gaze upon the passage
Of the years behind
Just what kind of message
Will there, others find?
12-28-06 I have shingles with pain and for some reason thinking of life in the "whole" sense. The past, present and future of it all.


Be swift about hearing
And slow about wrath
For wrath leads to heartache
With evil its path
The angry expression
Today we declare
Tomorrow with effort
We'll have to repair
Thus wrath is a shadow
With pain at its core
Can we from such anger
A friendship restore?
Though it is a struggle
And effort tis true
Remember the friendships
Your tongue can undo
12-08-06 about James 1:19-20 this scripture was used in one of the talks in the school last night and I went into rhyme over it.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Miss Decyl! Sweet Decyl!
I watch you at play
A wondrous creation
I live with today
All things that are moving
Will Targets become
A joyous occasion
A romp in the sun!
With pleasures abounding
She'll streak through the night
For she's chasing shadows
That bring her delight
Her tail thus is twitching
She stalks now her prey
My lamp faces danger
For fringe, it will sway
She's crossed my computer
Her typings begun
For O's and for X's
And Q's are such fun
My letters have "letters"
I did not know of
She's written with pleasure
And sends all her love
What day to day antics
With me now are found
For her playful actions
Around me are wound
My heart she's controlling
Tis filled with such joy
And she knows my buttons
And which to employ!!
9/06/06 about my kitten Decyl and how much joy she brings me!


What pain and what heartache
You suffer today
What anguish and misery
Has come now your way
My heart is there with you
I know of your pain
My tears too are falling
Like hard heavy rain
The future, the blessing
That God has in store
When he with his spirit
Your heart will restore
But just for the moment
Today and beyond
The pressure is heavy
Your heart can't respond
Though heavy your burden
And deep now your ache
One day in the future
Our God will it take
For time and its passage
Will help with your grief
And one day from the shadows
You will find relief
Because of the pressure
The ache deep within
I know that Jehovah
Your healing begins
11'24/06 written for my friend Linda as her daughter died - what pain she is feeling - I wish I could take it all away.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Listen to the music
Rhythm thus abounds
Tools of labor present
Resonant the sound
Rhythmic, pounding echoes
Carry forth the word
Through it thus the music
Everywhere is heard
Feel the pleasure growing
As they toil today
Steadily the building
Round them grows each day
All their work and action
Speaks of how they feel
And their toil and effort
Has Jehovah's seal
Thus one day with pleasure
Finished it will be
A building of distinction
Here for all to see!!
10-05-06 I was doing guard duty at the site for our new Kingdom Hall today and thinking about how all the workers will make music of their own with their tools of love and labor as the building goes up around them. It will indeed be a melodious sound to listen to. Happy workers everywhere. Just hope I get to be a part of it.
11-05-06 I got to be there and watch the contribution box and hand out silverware and help get the silverware ready for the next meal. In other words I got to be a part of the "music" also!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Majestically Soars"

The night is now present
Though morning is near
What thunderous racket
Around me I hear
A storm in its splendor
Majestically soars
I'm watching in wonder
And hear how she roars
The energies building
Magnificent sound
What glorious moments
Around me resound
A storm is now present
Such music I hear
And soon in her passage
Will morning appear
And thus in her absence
What silence will reign
Yet joyous moments
In memory remain
So on with the morning
And on with the day
Her pleasureable actions
Are fading away
*8-25-06 up early to a thunderstorm what a wonderful display of nature I got to witness. Lots of noise and flashes of lightning but very little rain. The show was wonderful in its passage.

"The Build"

The build is beginning
They're shaping the land
A glorious expansion
Is now near at hand
With effort and labor
And love now they toil
From time all consuming
They will not recoil
To guard or to labor
The load will be shared
Thus side by side working
The site is prepared
A spirit is present
What joy fills the heart!
Jehovah's expression
Of love on his part
Though heavy the work load
And laborious the way
They'll struggle determined
To toil through each day
And thus with what pleasure
The work is begun
And with that same pleasure
Will one day be done!
*8-27-06 I started thinking about the site and all the preparation work going on there: guards evey night and day when no one is working, meals to prepare, unloading trucks filled with materials for the build, innumerable little things to be handled every day. Yet everyone is happy and excited to be doing it.